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As part of promoting the Traditional Art of Kerala Mural Paintings, we have ventured into the business of Exporting and Selling Mural paintings in and out of India. Our works are the exclusive works of Renowned Mural Artist Prince Thonnakkal. Now the site also provides opportunity for clients to learn Kerala Mural Paintings online. (Mural Painting Institute or Online Courses).
Kerala murals are known for their emphasis on beauty, clarity and symmetry. Murals were used to depict religious and mythological stories, and predominantly in temples. In Kerala, this form obtained a very distinctive and classical form that is unrivalled and unique compared to any other form of Mural around the world. Though the art form developed as a temple art, it soon spread its wings and became universal. Murals are considered precious as it was found only in Temples and Palaces and only rich people could afford it. The Murals of Kerala bear the stamp of uniqueness in aesthetic composition and technique.

The Transition: A group of adventurous artists including Prince Thonnakkal, decided to go a step further and use this grand style on canvas, this magnificent style of painting moved form palaces to museums to homes and hotels winning accolades for the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of the rotund figures and blatant colors.

Colors and Expressions

A typical Kerala Mural Painting is done using five colours namely, red, green, yellow, white and black. Blue too has made its presence felt in later murals.
Each painting is painstakingly done in five steps.
  1. On a white background, first comes the sketching where the deft lines of the artist bring out the contours and curves of the motifs. 
  2. Outlines are filled with yellow colour leaving the white spaces. 
  3. Red or green(as they are darker compared to yellow and white) are filled into the spaces where required. 
  4. The detailing with darker shades of the same colors and finally outlining with black.
It is because of these factors that murals became very expensive. Having Mural Paintings with one is a symbol of prestige.

The Detailing of the mural painting makes all the difference, for every square inch of the painting, the painstaking work of the artist can be seen, the blending of colors, the transition of shades, the play of light and dark and the intricate lines and curves are distinctive to this style. The shading itself is the hallmark of Kerala Mural Painting and even for the novice; it is easy to identify a genuine Kerala Mural Painting by a casual inspection of the shading and detailing.
The colour scheme is based on the psychological aspects of the characters portrayed.

"It mainly depends on the basic gunas(Essence) laid down by Hindu scriptures — Satva, Rajas and Tamas.

Green or blue is usually used for Satvik (pure or divine); 
red and yellow for Rajasik (valour, passion, etc); 
and black for Tamasik (impure, sinful behaviour, etc)," 

Deities depicted in the murals are given colours on the basis of their triple attributes - Sathwikam, Rajasam and Thamasam

Our specialities

  1. Mural Paintings ( Acrylic, Natural Colours ) in various medium like Canvas, Wood, Asbestos, e-board, Pots.
  2. Mural painted Sarees, Shirts and Kurtha.

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