Learn Mural Painting Online

If you feel creativity boiling within you, and are looking for a way to create something beautiful, you have come to the right place. 
Midhila Murals is providing online classes for mural paintings. 
That’s right! If you have been amazed by mural paintings and have wondered if you will be able to create one, this is the opportunity to grab the necessary lessons to create your first mural.

Every human on this planet is trying to express themselves. All of them have stories within them and they all choose different ways to communicate. 
Do you have a story to be expressed through murals? If, yes. 
You are eligible to take this course.
It is rare to find an artist who has theoretical training as well as the skills required for producing beautiful artwork. Prince Thonakkal belongs to that elite category. He belongs to the first batch of the Institute of Mural Painting (Guruvayur Devaswom) to have completed a 5-year long national diploma in traditional mural painting.
He trained under the late Mammiyur Krishnankutty Nair, and have been passing on those valuable lessons to other artists for the last 30 years. Prince never restricted his work to just art exhibitions or temple works; he even works with corporates. This has allowed him to develop a style that can be adopted by a wide variety of audiences. He has also trained in visual art practice from Chitrakala Academy, Attingal near Thiruvananthapuram to widen his knowledge and expertise in this area.
The course will be based on Kerala murals patyapadathi and also on modern techniques like Balapattom. The focus is to provide the students with an idea about traditional and modern methodologies of mural paintings.
  • Basic course: All the fundamentals related to mural painting will be covered with 500 video tutorials; A-Z techniques that will cover the entire range of color and experience of mural painting. Additionally, training will also be provided on different brush strokes and sketching techniques.
  • Intermediate Course : Wall preparation- the crucial, first step in mural painting is given a lot of focus to ensure students get the basics right. When it comes to art, there is usually a lot of myth, and this course will cover few myth-busting techniques to help students build confidence in their skills. This will cover the methodologies for preparing natural colors and steps on paint preparation too.
  • Advanced course: After completing the basic course, it is difficult to not learn further. Midhila murals understands this tendency, and that’s why there is also an advanced course for serious practitioners.  Finally, guidance will be provided for making three murals each of size 1.5 x 2 Sqft (Two Dieties and One common subject each of size 1.5 x 2 sqft )
In addition to the video tutorials, students will be given a chance to interact with the instructor through video conferencing every 2 weeks for clarifying doubts , question- answer sessions and knowledge transfer. 

In the past, Prince Thonakkal has collaborated with his students on large-scale projects that were based on Ramayana and Mahabharata themes. Similarly, students who enroll for this online course (basic & advanced) will be given an opportunity to work on comparable projects.

This will not only help in gaining expertise in the area of mural painting, but the exposure through these projects will help in building a network with other artists and set up a name for oneself.

  • It opens up the option of working from home and earning additional income
  • Knowledge gained can help in applying to interior designing using murals
  • Techniques learned from this course can also be used for glass and fabric painting
  • There is never an end to the learning, so it can be continued as a lifelong hobby in a classical art
  • Murals created can be preserved as an inheritance to the next generation
  • Murals can also be provided as an offering to religious places 

Since the sessions are conducted online, classes can be attended based on convenience. If a total of 12 hours can be spent in a week, the basic course can be completed within a span of 3 months.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Natural Colour Preparation Taught in Basic Course?

Natural Colour preparation is taught in Intermediate Course. In Basic Course , the student learns the techniques of mural painting using Acrylic colours. Once the student acquires the knowledge he is introduced to Natural colours (in Intermediate Level). Natural Colours are not easily available and are expensive, and hence learning Basic modules using Natural Colours will not be affordable. 

2. Are the Modules designed to help the student hand draw themself?

Yes, students are taught to draw without sketching . 

3. Will I get Materials list from Video?

You will receive the details of List of Items to buy from Welcome mail (mail received after you make payment and enroll as a student).

Once you enroll for Intermediate course, Natural Colours will be sent by us.

4. How can one get the detailed  Course Contents.?

Contents of Course are shared with student  in Welcome Mail (mail received after you make payment and enroll as a student). 

5.How can I join the course?

To Join the course click the link https://www.midhilamurals.com/course.php > Click Join Online Courses > Click Basic Course Details > Click Pay To Join

You will be taken through Registration and after completion of Registration you will receive an email with details of Payment Link.(Please ensure that  email id or mobile number that you use for payment,  matches with that of registration details )  Once the payment is made , Login details will be shared. 

6. Will I get Refund if I opt out of the course?

Please go through the Terms and Conditions to know the Policy details.    https://www.midhilamurals.com/terms%20and%20conditions.php

7. Are Kerala Murals similar to other Murals across world?

Kerala Murals bear a stamp of uniqueness in techniques and aesthetics. They were used to depict religious and mythological stories, predominantly in temples. They are done using Natural Colours prepared from mother Earth/plants/leaves. Please visit our gallery page to see few  collections of Kerala Murals by Artist Prince Thonnakkal. https://www.midhilamurals.com/gallery.php 

9.What is the duration of the Course?

Duration of Basic Course is 5 months from the date of receipt of Welcome mail (mail received after you make payment and enroll as a student).

Intermediate & Advanced Course duration will be intimated once these Courses are made available through site.

10. Can I avail instalment option for fee payment?

Yes, You may either opt for the entire Basic Course or may choose each Phase so that you get a relaxation in fee payment. However , discounts if any , will not be applicable in installment ooption.