If you feel creativity boiling within you, and are looking for a way to create something beautiful, you have come to the right place. 
Midhila Murals is providing online classes for mural paintings. 
That’s right! If you have been amazed by mural paintings and have wondered if you will be able to create one, this is the opportunity to grab the necessary lessons to create your first mural.

Basic Course

Rs 24600/-


  • This course shall provide with the basic techniques of mural painting which includes course modules like Ornaments , Trees, Birds  ,Animals, Weapons ,Flowers , Designs and a Portrait, Canvas Preparation, Introduction to Brushes and  Colour Mixing.
  • Video Conferencing will be there with the artist for Q & A sessions and knowledge Transfer.
  • Each Module learning will be administered and monitored and feedbacks will be provided. 
  • You may purchase the Basic course by clicking the PAY TO JOIN button above.
  • Offer: *Mural Mahabharatha book worth Rs.2500 for first 200 students.

The course charges are excluding GST. GST rate applicable.
        Conditions Apply: *Courier charges of the book to be borne by the students residing outside India.


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