If you feel creativity boiling within you, and are looking for a way to create something beautiful, you have come to the right place. 
Midhila Murals is providing online classes for mural paintings. 
That’s right! If you have been amazed by mural paintings and have wondered if you will be able to create one, this is the opportunity to grab the necessary lessons to create your first mural.


Intermediate Course : Wall preparation- the crucial, first step in mural painting is given a lot of focus to ensure students get the basics right. When it comes to art, there is usually a lot of myth, and this course will cover few myth-busting techniques to help students build confidence in their skills. This will cover the methodologies for preparing natural colors and steps on paint preparation too.

Natural colours required for painting two figures of size 1.5*2 Sqft  will be provided free of cost.